Film & video productions

I film, direct, edit and produce documentary videos and films for clients from various sectors. In the process of making videos and films I am always focussed to capture the true essence of the subject and to design an audiovisual work which, through its carefully selected content and chosen form, is distinctive, meaningful and lasting.

I strive for long term business relationships with my clients, building on a strong visual representation and identity for the personality, institution or company. I enjoy exchanging ideas, to think strategically, to get inspired and to inspire, to look for quality and to realise growth and enriching experiences.



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Among others, The Municipality of The Hague, Tania Kross, LivePT, Springstaff, Mooi Werk, The Media Plantation, Behoud Cultureel Erfgoed Semarang, Toko Oen, Mijndomein, World of Minds, Sanoma Media, Haagse Stadspartij, Letterkundig Museum.


What kind of videos are interesting for you?

The use and possibilities of online video have been growing for a number of years and will grow more and more in the time to come. Moving images capture our attention, give more information and we tend to remember the content and message better. Documentary and informative videos can come in different lenght and form, a few examples which might be interesting for your business:

  • Portraits of inspiring leaders or employees within your company or organisation
  • A short documentary (series) about the story of your enterprise or daily activities
  • Behind the scene videos in certain company departments or on special occasions
  • Promotional and commercial videos of events, products or services
  • A short recap video of a meeting with insights worth sharing with colleagues
  • Instruction videos for customers or employees
  • Customer portraits and experiences from your product or service

If you have questions about a potential project or if you would like to know more what I can do for you, contact me.


Online campaigns

I can help you to design your online campaigns on platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Work of Martijn Stoppels has been selected by The Dutch Film Festival, The One Minutes and Photography Museum Foam.